Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm claustrophoic?

That is, of course, a natural concern for some prior to floating.  Our pods are beautifully designed to be quite spacious (8'6" X 5'4" X 4'3") and once floating guests feel that the space seems infinite.  Always remember you are in full control of your float.  You can float with or without interior lighting, with the pod open, closed or left slightly ajar or even a combination of all those choices to see what feels most accommodating to you and you can exit the pod at anytime.

What do I wear to float?

Just a suit, your birthday suit is highly recommended!  Your float experience is in a private room with a locking door and a private shower.  A bathing suit or other clothing can be a distraction during your float, however, you may wear a bathing suit if you'd like.

Will the salt water dry my hair or skin?

No, you will immediately notice when entering the pod that the water/salt solution feels extremely soft and silky, as will your skin and hair post float!   All this and aesthetic benefits too?  Yes!

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

There are numerous benefits to floating while pregnant once you move past your first trimester and is a unique pre-birth bonding experience for Mom & Baby!  Do consult with your physician if you have concerns regarding floating during your pregnancy.

Can I float when menstruating? 

Absolutely.  Please follow the same procedures you would for swimming, we have tampons available for your convenience.

Will I drown if I fall asleep?

No.  And you don't even need to know how to swim to float here!!  The water depth is only about 11 inches and with the high concentration of epsom salt makes the water twice as buoyant as The Dead Sea and will fully support your body even if you fall asleep and toss and turn.  Relax.  The water has you!

How long does a float last?

We offer 60 minute, 90 minute and 2 hour float sessions....want more?  We will accommodate you!!  Even if you're an avid floater it takes your brain some time to settle into the float, somewhere between 30-40 minutes to reach that yummy Theta State (the dream like state) that produces lower frequency brain waves associated with creativity, inspiration, quick learning.