Your Float Experience & What You Need To Know

  • Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to complete paperwork and relax prior to your float.

  • We provide everything you need; fresh, fluffy towels, wash cloths, organic body wash/shampoo, individually packaged ear plugs and ointment to cover any scratches or abrasions you want to protect from the salt. Hairdryers, combs, facial wipes, organic deodorant as well as Q-tips are available in the post-float relaxation area for your convenience. Please, only use the body wash/shampoo we provide for your pre-float shower to protect our filtration system. If you would like to use your personal wash/shampoo/conditioner after your float you are welcome to do so.

  • Please remember to turn off all electronic devices prior to entering the float areas so that you do not interrupt your float experience or your fellow floaters.

  • If you have recently used a spray tanning product or color treated your hair please wait 10 days before floating, failure to do so that creates havoc on our filtration system will result in a $200 cleaning fee.

 The Float

  • Your Float Concierge will provide you with a tour, ask your float preferences and show you to your private float room and provide instructions and helpful tips for floating.

  • Shower and wash your hair thoroughly with the provided organic body wash/shampoo to remove lotions, make-up, and oils from your body and hair. Place your ear plugs and enter the pod.

  • Trust the water, it will fully support you. Try to avoid splashing to keep the salt from getting in your eyes. Fresh water spray as well as a fresh cloth are placed in the pod to clear your eyes if needed.

  • There are no rules to your float. It is your own unique experience. You can float in either direction in the pod, you fully control how you float; lights on or lights off, with or without gentle music or only in the beginning or end, open pod, closed or left slightly ajar.

  • We provide you with a Float Halo should you feel that you need extra neck support during your float.

  • Last, let go and enjoy.

After Your Float

  • When your float session has come to an end the interior light will come on and a minute later the filtration/sanitation system will begin. Please exit the pod when the filtration system begins.

  • Shower again thoroughly to remove the salt from your hair and skin.

  • Please leave used linens on the bath mats in the float room, we will take care of everything for you!

  • Enjoy the relaxation area, a post float water and the glow of a great float experience.

  • Book your next float!